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Cozy Living Room

Community Impact

Passion House Project (PHP) was established to give back to a community that has provided so much support. The organization is dedicated to helping individuals and families by providing home furnishings beyond the "minimum" requirements. PHP believes every human deserves a warm, safe, and comfortable place to live, and that being satisfied with one's surroundings directly impacts their mental and emotional well-being.

In a recent survey conducted in partnership with The Drew Lewis Foundation and the RISE program, PHP found that a significant number of individuals and families experience stress and dissatisfaction with their living spaces. The survey results revealed that 73% of respondents felt that their homes caused them stress, 59% did not feel they had everything they needed for their home, 46% said their homes did not bring them joy, 30% did not feel proud of their homes, and 35% did not feel comfortable inviting others to their homes.

With a deep commitment to the community, Passion House Project works to help families transform their houses into homes, where they can live comfortably and with dignity. It is important to note that PHP operates as a referral-only provider, and individuals needing assistance can contact one of their partner agencies, listed on their website, to initiate the process of receiving support.

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